79th Annual Conference of the Association of Physicians of India

IECC Pragati Maidan, New Delhi


At the outset we seek your full cooperation regarding time management of the conference

  • You must load your final single-slide PDF at least 1 Hour before your scheduled time slot at the designated spot.
  • No changes in the scheduled day or time will be acceptable from your end. However, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to make changes to the schedule.
  • The total duration of the talk and discussion cannot exceed 3 minutes (2 minutes of presentation and 1 minute of discussion). Chairpersons/Judges will have the right to terminate the session, as per time schedule.
  • The presenter of E-poster should carry the delegate badge to recognize his/her participation in the program.

    E-Poster Guidelines

  • All posters should be a visual presentation of your submitted abstract.
  • The E-poster will be displayed on standard 42”/50” (Diagonal) LCD.File format should be PowerPoint (PPT) in Size of 16:9.
  • Please prepare a poster in a single-slide PPTX/PDF file as per the sample e-poster available for download at Sample_E-Poster.pptx
  • Font size is specified in the sample e-poster. Choose Arial or a font that can be read clearly at a distance. Put light-colored fonts on dark backgrounds or vice versa so that viewers can see the text clearly.
  • Tables should be simple and easy to follow. Minimum font size for data in tables is 10 points.
  • The legend of a figure should appear below the figure.
  • Do not insert or embed any videos in your presentation.
  • Remember, overcrowding a poster slide makes it difficult to read. Help your readers by providing clear labels or headings for each section of your presentation.
  • Please include 2-3 pertinent references at most.
  • Please ensure that you have the permission to use any images you include in the e-poster. This includes a license for copyrighted materials and consent forms from patients who are recognizable in photographs or images.
  • Financial interest, if any, must be disclosed and included in the poster. Presentations made at the Conference must not be used to promote a commercial product.